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An auxiliary sales force involves one company temporarily providing another with promotional / sales staff.

It’s a form of skills outsourcing whereby permanent or seasonal teams are drafted in to reinforce a team already in place, or to promote a specific product and convince retailers to optimise its presence in their stores.
The sales forces therefore practice selling in.
We provide two types of outsourcing solutions:
The benefits of sales force outsourcing :
- Flexibility: the company can reduce its costs if demand shrinks, and increase it if it grows. In other words, the sales force is tailored to the economic situation.
- A tailored solution: these readjustments can be implemented in a matter of weeks, compared to several months in the case of a salaried employee.
- Quality and professionalism are guaranteed.

In the event of dissatisfaction, the client may terminate its contract during the contractual period, as commercial contracts are more flexible than employment contracts.
These days, numerous companies choose to outsource their sales force, 46%, to be precise.
What is the auxiliary sales force and why use it?
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